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Saturday, 11 November 2023 00:18

A Night in Italy at the Maybourne Hotel

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Jenny and the City 

For those seeking a taste of La Dolce Vita in Los Angeles because you couldn’t make it to Italy this summer no worries we got you covered. The Maybourne Hotel located in the Iconic City of Beverly Hills transitions into a European Oasis. As we entered the terrace there was a live band playing Italian music. We got greeted by handsome waiters tray passing Fresh Aperol spritz, Prosecco or white wine. I took a glass of wine and knew I was in for a total Dolce Vita Moment.

The weather was perfect, the view was spectacular, the décor breathtaking! I love lemons and there were lemons everywhere.

Let’s talk about the food because if we know something about Italians is that they know food and I would say it’s one of my favorites. So the choices were limitless, heaven on earth. There was an antipasto section, lots of salad options, next to it a charcuterie area with fresh cuts, baked breads and all kinds of cheese.

I was so impressed by the pasta area. I love pasta! They were making it right in front of all of us. What a treat! They had a bucattini di caccio pepe, fettuccini with shaved truffles and spaghetti with fresh tomatoes. The pasta was so delicious that I went for a round two and added caviar, since there was as well a caviar with vodka section.

They also had a seafood area with crab legs, shrimp and oysters. Everyone was having such a good time with the food and mingling, as the night progressed we all danced and of course lots of photo moments.  Honestly we need to have this on a regular basis. I would go back just for the food options, the Chef was on point. Of course there was an incredible table filled with all kinds of desserts, I took a piece of the olive oil cake with orange and it was so light and delicious. At this point even after dancing I was pretty full and beyond happy.

I wonder if the Maybourne will be creating different theme nights?

I certainly hope so.





First photo caption

Jenny Leeser with

Galina Sobolev

& Renee Strauss

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