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Saturday, 11 November 2023 00:04

Gladys Magazine Travels “NEAR and WIDE”!

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These days, despite international itineraries remaining popular as always, it seems that folks are also eager to venture out domestically---leaving their passports at home and visiting their homeland, exploring their roots and keeping travel shorter and sweeter.

Enter American Cruise Lines.

High Note LoungeWith its trademark tagline Cruise Close To Home© with American Cruise Lines, this cruise line stands as a proud leader in U.S. River and Coastal cruising and is the largest domestic cruise line in the country. Offering a brand new fleet comprised of 19 riverboats and small cruise ships, each accommodating just 90 to 180 guests in allowing for a more intimate and refined experience, American is the only cruise line in the world with a fleet of 100% U.S. built and flagged riverboats and small cruise ships.

Because of this, American offers all-domestic cruises exclusively, that visit only U.S. ports of call along both U.S. Rivers and coasts. Featuring over 50 itineraries ranging from 5 to now 60 days in length, this allows for exploration in 35 U.S. states. American’s small ships cruise along protected U.S. waterways from Alaska to Florida and major U.S. rivers, including the Mississippi River; the Columbia and Snake Rivers, the Hudson River and the Florida Rivers. ACL has over 50 years of experience cruising the U.S.A., focusing on authenticity in American experiences, customized service and well-curated destination-focused cruises.

American continues to launch the newest U.S. built ships for Cruising Close to Home®. On all American’s cruises, guests discover the history, spirit, and culture of the United States, all while aboard a high end fleet. Year after year, the company continues to be the most awarded U.S. cruise line, winning accolades from: Travel & Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, U.S.A. Today, and beyond. The line boasts the largest and most comfortable staterooms in the industry, featuring all the amenities of a modern hotel, including full-size bathrooms with most staterooms having floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and private balconies.

faraway2American Cruise Lines has added a new class of “Go Anywhere” Coastal Cats, classic paddle wheelers, small cruise ships, and the only modern riverboats in the country with small ship itineraries offering an all-inclusive experience and featuring over 400 exciting shore excursions across the country. Its revolutionary American Riverboat Series is the first contemporary-style riverboats available in the U.S. These new riverboats are technically advanced and possess the newest safety and navigation equipment. They are also the most environmentally friendly small ships on U.S. Rivers, meeting the highest emissions standards, have tiny carbon footprints and feature cutting edge interior design. All American’s modern riverboats accommodate fewer than 180 guests and possess a unique (patent-pending) opening bow and retractable gangway which enables them to make bow landings wherever necessary. They feature soaring multi-story glass atriums, oversized standard cabins and suites, and spacious single cabins–all with private furnished balconies. They also offer relaxed lounges, sun decks, grand dining rooms and small casual cafés. Designed with 3 times the glass of other U.S. riverboats, American’s modern riverboats offer spectacular views from absolutely everywhere on the ship. American’s modern riverboats add a new dimension to U.S. River cruising–providing an exciting new alternative to the beautiful paddle wheelers and coastal cruise ships already in the company’s fleet.

American Cruises is also proud to welcome Coastal Cats, a new class of small ships as part of a series that “Go Anywhere” in furthering American Cruise Lines’ commitment to Cruise Close to Home. ®. A unique catamaran inspired design with a shallow draft allows for small ship stability and maneuverability. All cruises include complimentary onboard enrichment and entertainment, the finest cuisine, wine and beer at both lunch and dinner and a top notch cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres each and every evening; something special to look forward to at the end of each day. Ships also include complimentary alternative casual dining, Starlink Wi-Fi and private American cruise coaches for shore side transportation. All American’s Mississippi River, Columbia and Snake Rivers and Alaska cruises (from Juneau) include complimentary pre-cruise hotel stays in accommodating your travels to and from the ships. All the company’s river and coastal cruises also offer domestic flat-rate airfare and select dates may include complimentary airfare. Every cruise features an all-American menu prepared by fine chefs to accent the season and region served in an open-seated dining room where every table offers panoramic views of the scenery. Many ships also offer outdoor casual cafés for lighter bites and fare.

Theme cruises as well as many popular holiday cruises are offered including Music, Art Immersion, Lewis & Clark, Fall Foliage, Culinary, Mark Twain, Whale Watching and more, right up to New Year’s cruises.

After all, there really IS no place like home. Agreed?


American Cruise Lines travels Near and Wide!

What’s New?

American Cruise Lines has curated a 60-day package combining four major rivers and two coasts on three ships. The line is calling it the longest-ever domestic cruise itinerary. The Great United States itinerary departs August 2024 and touches 20 states and four time zones within the continental U.S and includes a national parks package visiting Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Guests will start on the Pacific Coast in Portland, Oregon and sail the Columbia and Snake rivers on the 180-passenger American Jazz; the Mississippi River on the 180-passenger American Symphony from New Orleans to St. Paul, Minnesota and from Maine to New York and up the Hudson River on the 90-passenger American Independence. The experience ends in New York Harbor on Oct 14 with a viewing of the Statue of Liberty from the ship on the last day of the cruise. Flights from Jackson, Wyoming to New Orleans and St. Paul to Portland, Maine are included in the package. The price per person ranges from $51,060 to $77,945 and includes a pre-cruise hotel stay, all flights and hotels between cruise segments, daily excursions, all meals and beverages, internet service, gratuities and port charges. Highlights of the package include private guided tours of the three national parks: a 10-state Mississippi River sailing and fall foliage along the Hudson River. 


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