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Dominique Earle-Coppola

dominique1dominique2Q: What was your position with Gladys?
A: Gladys Girl Spring issue 2014

Q: Occupation:
A: Hairdresser/ Makeup Artist

Q: How did you learn about entering our Gladys magazine model contest?
A: I was Feature in the Holiday issue doing hair and makeup for one of the dream star models. I liked the Gladys FB page and saw there was an opportunity to become a Gladys Girl and I went for it!

Q: What was your experience like on your photo shoot for Gladys?
A: AMAZING! It was so much fun! A fun environment to be in, and I felt very comfortable with the photographer and her team!

Q: What 3 adjectives best describe you?
A: Three adjectives to describe me are:

  • Creative
  • Ambitious
  • Outgoing

Photographer: Jessica Kirschner, Golden Fox Studios
Model: Dominique Earle-Coppola
Hair Stylist: Dominique Mitchell
Makeup Artist: Cinthia Espinal
Dress Designer: Sondra Celli
Location: Biagio's Waltham, MA

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