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Alexis Langford

alexis1alexis2Q: What is your position with Gladys Magazine?
A: I am currently the 2014 May Gladys Girl in the Wedding & Couture Issue.

Q: What is your current occupation?
A: I am currently a high school sophomore at Allegan High School.

Q: How did you learn about Gladys Magazine and their contests?
A: My great friend and Gladys Girl for the month for February, Kiley Duffy, who is in the Love issue 2014.

Q:.What was your experience like with your photo shoot for Gladys?
I meet Marissa at her home for the first time, along with her husband and beautiful daughter Lucy! (Did I mention she's in the current Wedding & Couture Issue as a Future Dream Star!) My photo shoot was so much fun! Marissa had an amazing location to shoot at which was just beautiful. She had all the little things I needed to make this photo shoot happen! Without Marissa and Stephanie from Gladys, this wouldn't have been possible. Overall my experience was truly a memorable day that I will not forget!

Alexis4Q: What are three adjectives that describe you?
A: Fierce : I have a diva attitude, but I am down to earth and accept all for who they truly are.
Witty : I have always been the girl to be able to walk into a room and brighten up the atmosphere.
Alexis3Hard Working : When I'm given a task I put 110% into it, especially when it comes to my education.

Photographer: Marissa Hall, Angel Face Photography
Model: Alexis Langford




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