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Known for: High-quality fashion, glamor photography and fun photo shoots

Inspired by: Beautiful people I see everyday. I love photographing faces. Eyes are windows to the soul.
Behind the Scenes: Love spending time with family and two new grand babies.

JasonWEB DIRECTORGladysMagazine.com

KNOWN FOR: I am known for my knowledge around a computer and the web, and also being an artist. 
INSPIRED BY: My mom inspired me to be an artist, she always encouraged me and exposed me to those worlds as a kid.  My dad because he followed his dreams even when times were tough. 
BEHIND THE SCENES: My wife and I are trying to downsize our lives and build a tiny house or a housebus, so that we can travel and see the country.  I am also a beginning photographer so I hope to start a blog on our travels.

Known For: Beauty and fashion.
Inspired By: Beautiful Faces.
Behind the Scenes: Other than photography, I 'm a professional boxing judge.

Known For: My personal style, great and quick sense of humor, Hardworking, manners and unreadable personal notes to family and friends. I would like to think I have an artist's hand writing, however most would agree while it looks interesting, it may take a few readings to make out. I get a good chuckle when I receive calls saying they have received my lovely card. Now what does it say? Love it! LOL

Inspired By: All things that are natural and graceful, a comfortable chair by the fire, a room full of books and of course stimulating conversation.

Behind the Scenes: Oh My!!! If only my fans could see me behind the scenes! They would see a very busy man trying to catch up on house work, visiting family and friends, walking Nellie Belle in the early morning with a cup of tea in one hand, her lead in the other and trying to talk to my Mom and Dad with the cell propped under my long chin. Quite a sight, dressed in cargo shorts, flip flops and a tee that reads " Local Celebrity" - LOL Tell me I don't give my neighbors something to talk about!


Known for: Investment management knowledge, published research papers on hedge funds, and frequent

appearances on CNBC.

Inspired by: The great investors of our time like Warren Buffett, Will Danoff, and especially my mentor Tom Allen

of Fidelity Investments.

BEHIND THE SCENES: I spent my formative years competing in pageants, held the titles of Miss RI Teen America 1997,

Miss Bay State 2002, and was a semi-finalist in the 2005 Miss RI USA pageant. Pageants helped me become the

woman I am today and I am forever grateful.

Known For: As an artist, my strength is attention to detail. I love capturing the small details brides have painstakingly chosen during their months of wedding planning. I am also known for being able to create a comfortable relationship with the customer in order to capture their true inner beauty. I have been published many times but I still get an enormous kick out of seeing my work in print. I feel the best part of being a photographer is the gift of being able share my work with others!

Inspired By: Growing up with National Geographic taught me to be inspired by the emotions a photograph could evoke. Keith Reynolds,my collaborative partner for wedding photography, is also a great source of inspiration. He has a remarkable way of "seeing the light," and when we put our creative minds together, great things happen!

Behind the Scenes: When I'm not behind the camera, I like to spend my time with my family and in nature- hiking, kayaking, running, and skiing. I love travel, meeting new people, and learning different customs. I am the owner & operator of Sandycreek Studio. in Franklin PA (www.sandycreekstudio.com).


After a decade of traveling the world and serving the rich and famous as part of a private jet cabin crew I know the ins and outs of luxury travel and budget travel (can you guess which one I am accustomed to?)

Known for: Random acts of kindness, a quick wit and the uncanny ability to find the closest starbucks or starbucks-like coffee shop in any country.

Inspired by: My husband, my kids and adrenaline.

Behind the scenes: When not engrossed in newly-wedded bliss or the excitement of teenage-twin-baseball-

playing step-sons, I'm working on my first novel. Beyond that, I live for the next trip – anywhere, anytime.


Known for: Fashion, Commercial, Corporate and People Photographer.

Inspired by: My family, friends, teachers and God.


Known for: Metabolism specialist and diagnostician for hard to diagnose conditions. Physician for Sam Snead, John Daly,

Fabian Forte, Joe Hardy. All our patients are treated as celebrities.

Inspired by: Quest for knowledge in every aspect of medicine and related fields.


Known for: Capturing fashion and beauty images that bring out both the interior and exterior beauty of my subjects.

Inspired by: People that are passionate about creating great works: art directors, writers, designers, stylists, makeup artists and photographers (my favorites being Melvin Sokolsky, Horst P. Horst and Richard Avedon).

Behind the scenes: A loving husband and father of five children who loves laughter, good music and the St. Louis Cardinals!

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