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Known for: My compassion for my patients and the relentless drive I have to help others. Including recently my humanitarian efforts with the homeless veterans and organizing medical mission trips to Haiti.

INSPIRED BY: The people I have met in the medical profession who give so tirelessly and selflessly to their patients every day! I am also inspired by my beautiful Mother, Angela & my husband State Senator Mike Haridopolos and my children. I am humbled that they are blessed with great opportunities in life. Behind the scenes: Fundraising and running political campaigns, church, playing with my children.


KNOWN FOR: Martin is known for the passion and dedication he brings to his work as a hairstylist and founder of Kalea Rose Hair Care.

INSPIRED BY: Conversations with clients inspire Martin to bring the beauty and personality out of each individual.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Martin has been practicing Shao Lin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan for 30 years. When he is not working, he enjoys doing Crossfit with his family and working in his garden.

YOUR DREAM VACATION IS: Martin would like to take his family on a quest to visit all the Wonders of the World.


KNOWN FOR: Being the people Photographer

INSPIRED BY: Edward Steichen, August Sander, Ansel Adams and Edward Westen.

BEHIND THE SCENES: I published a book, Landscapes of Coral Gables and working on my second book, it is about angels.


KNOWN FOR: Fashion and beauty photos. Eye-catching colors, exquisite lighting and beautiful frames.

INSPIRED BY: I’m mostly inspired by colors and forms that I see in the surrounding world, but to be honest everything and everyone can be an inspiration. I have such wonderful friends and my parents who are always the biggest support and I can always count on them. That’s not only an inspiration for photo shoots that’s an inspiration how to live.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Besides photography I’m also into graphic design and film making.


KNOWN FOR: I guess I am associated with having the very difficult task of filming the most beautiful women in the most exotic locations around the world... It’s a thankless job but somebody has to do it, so I volunteered.

INSPIRED BY: Beauty in all forms and some of the best photographers for Sports Illustrated.

BEHIND THE SCENES: I really am a director of photography/director/producer who owns a production company that has been producing hi-def television shows for 15 years, standard def for 25, and was one of the first cameramen for CNN.



KNOW FOR: My creativity and flare. I am always ready to try something new!

INSPIRED BY: Anyone with a passion! Having passion will always take you further in life.

BEHIND THE SCENES: I am a ponytail, blue jeans and mud boots kind of girl! I love helping my hubby out on his farm.


KNOW FOR: being a qualified attorney in both the UK and the USA who also studied Law in Australia; Being scouted as a model in my late 20s while working as a lawyer in Hollywood and now agency signed in Los Angeles, Dublin and Belfast; Being a freelance fashion, beauty and red carpet on-camera presenter; Being recently nominated as one of Northern Ireland's most stylish females (in association with Magners Light and Ulster Tatler magazine);Curing my fear of heights with a 338 metre bungee jump in New Zealand; Having an immense amount of fun balancing my legal career with shooting national billboard campaigns; and now I guess being a Gladys Contributing Writer, creative director and featured editorial model.

INSPIRED BY: My mum who as a nurse gives of herself each and everyday.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Always looking for the next challenge and to help those less fortunate... looking to merge my international legal, fashion and media experience and become an entertainment law attorney or a film star! Available for hire. 


Known for: When someone looks at my images, my goal is to make them feel free-spirited, fun-loving and peaceful.

Inspired by: Growing up in Southern California has had a major impact on my photography. When I was young, my family went camping almost religiously. At an early age I found a deep appreciation and love for our natural surroundings. There is a large sense of peace and freedom that I find whenever I’m surrounded by nature. I can’t help but to try and transfer that feeling to my images.
Behind the Scenes: When I’m not shooting, I’m usually hiking, reading or spending time with my dog Brisko.

WHERE WE’VE SEEN YOUR WORK? 2011 marks my first year as a professional photographer. So far I have been featured on fashion blogs and in independent fashion magazines. Currently, I am working on many fun projects that will be released towards the end of the year.

Known For: Fashion and beauty contributing photographer for GLADYS Magazine, ZINK Magazine, Prestige International Magazine, STATUS Magazine, DEP Magazine, FAULT Magazine, GENLUX Magazine, RUNWAY Magazine and several other international publications.

Inspired By: As an aspiring artist living in a constantly changing technological age, my art is a constantly evolving means of expression, reflecting the world in which I live and the work that inspires me. Music, essence of life, visual arts and my life experiences is what shapes and drives my work as an artist. I love art that moves me, that engages me visually and sparks my imagination. Annie Leibovitz's photography does just that. It inspires me, drives me to excel as a photographer, and leaves me with wanting more.

Behind the Scenes: Being brought up in artistically strict confines of Russian society where art is confined by tradition, I later found myself living in the ultra modern, artistically autonomous multi-cultural city of Los Angeles. The experience of seeing how art evolves over generations, and amidst different cultures, has inspired me to pursue a career as a photographer and painter upon migrating to the US. Shooting fashion and beauty and collaborating with talented people makes it that much more interesting and exciting!


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